space colonisation to suicide, a continuum

“not sure of colonizing anything is good.”

Doubts such as this are important to start thoughts.

So, some thoughts.

Should mankind go to space, as many famous people say – because if we don’t, all of human effort and history will be for naught?

Or should we just die out, striving to leave no trace?

Let’s reduce the scope a bit, away from space and Mars, back to living on this planet.

Colonisation is bad, yes? You may have been taught this. But is it true? Have you accepted the conclusion from specific cases and acts of colonisation that all of it is bad – or have you given it some more thought?

Let me give you some impulses for thinking about this.

Whatever water or other regular fluid you drink has been passing through many other kidneys and bladders before, many of which human. Whatever food you eat… OK, next: wherever you are living on the planet, someone else could live there just as well. Why don’t you make space for them? Why do you take up the space you do? Why do you claim food and drink and shelter that could be as well somebody elses? You ursup resources by living!

And this body of yours, you are killing other beings by living! And that’s not food alone (even as a vegan, millions of plants and fungi are killed for keeping your body alive). All those bacteria your body keeps killing, billions of them every hour – aren’t you ashamed, you mass murderer?!

There is only one way: kill yourself, and make space to all the other organisms.

Actually, there is another: accept that by having a physical existence in this world, you necessarily take away resources from the whole and assign them to your use – for your body, as its food, clothing, shelter; for work, to provide the former; for social purposes and your enjoyment. For art and for fun and other things which are harder to justify, but most people think a good thing anyways.

Not overdoing it, not wasting too much – that’s a good thing. It is polite to give others space, too. But don’t be ashamed for existing, for colonising a part of the world by your existence, by interacting with others, by leaving an impression and contributing to common causes and building them – because all of this is colonising the world with YOU.

Bad, bad colonisation. Changing something into what fits you better.

Well, there has been this “bad” colonisation where people thought they could improve other people, teach them better ways of living – at best – or where they dehumanised other people, taking them as resources to be used and discarded – at worst.

Guess what? Most of them acted in good faith; in good Faith even – because many of the historical colonisation was bolstered and justified by religion. (And no, not only the colonisation of south america by christians, also the long history of slavery justified by islam, and before it, by judaism).

Some leftovers of colonisation are also welcome, and still in use – but which parts are good and which are not is best decided by those who were colonised, not by those doing it.


Colonisation isn’t bad at the small scale, where your body separates itself from the universe and shapes a miniscule part of it.

Colonisation at larger scale can be really bad. Somewhere in between…

You have to draw a line somewhere.

So go ahead, draw a line somwhere where you think it best. You don’t have to justify it – it’s your decision for your life. But be aware, stay aware, this is arbitray choice you made, and other people will make different choices.


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