Fat acceptance – yes. no.

So you are fat. Not just a bit overweight, but certified obese. Good indicator: you need to buy your clothes in special stores, or import them from the USA.

And you don’t feel like apologising for the way you are.
That’s OK.

If you feel good that way, if that’s how you want to be: that’s OK.

Just don’t lie to yourself, or try to lie to others. You do have a substantial higher risk for a number of diseases, including deadly ones. You are likely to get problems with your joints and skin.

You are annoyed people don’t like the way you look? So what. You don’t have to like their looks either. That’s a matter of taste. Of course, there is a Zeitgeist for human physique as well. But some day, your shape will be in fashion again! (Waiting for the next ice age may be a bit of a bother, but a few decades of worldwide famine would do, too.)

Some people will like it, some will find your body attractive. The majority won’t. Because by and large, humans are hardwired to equate attractiveness with healthiness and expected gene quality (which is healthiness of potential children). But then, you don’t need everybody to find you attractive – nobody in the entire world is attractive to everybody.

You could do something about your body; but you don’t want to. Or it’s not that important to you; there are other things more important to you. And that’s OK – it’s your life, it’s your body, so it is your choice.

Just don’t lie to yourself, or try to force others to go along with such lies. You’ll likely die earlier – but hey, so do do smokers. Or people who do dangerous sports. You could do something about it – but you decide not to.

It’s your choice.

It’s your choice, so stand by it. Don’t make excuses, don’t act as if it weren’t unhealthy, don’t require other people to like it. Your choice, your life, and your point of view.

Other people, their lifes, their views.

Acceptance goes both ways.



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